The Marketing Buzz is a collection of thoughts, news and analysis from The GRI Marketing Group (www.gridirect.com) – a direct and digital marketing agency with a 30 year track record of helping mid-sized to large organizations improve marketing ROI expenditures. Through this blog, we thought it would be fun to share and collaborate on proven tactics, concepts and visions for marketing professionals.  Your comments and thoughts are always welcome through this blog, or you can email me directly at:  bsnider@gridirect.com

One thought on “About

  1. Hey fellow marketer!

    I’ve been running a direct and interactive marketing agency for 30 years
    and thought it would be fun to share my thoughts, trials and tribulations with you! I began my career in telecomm sales in the Fortune 500 world, so I’ve been through a lot of changes in marketing and sales
    tactics. I look forward to connecting with you and expanding our horizons! Brian.


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